My name is Baluku Paul. I became deaf at the age of six. My home is in Mukono but I got the chance to study at Ntinda School for the Deaf and later Wakiso School for the Deaf. When I just joined I had low confidence in myself but as I got better communication skills I made some friends and that helped me build some self-esteem. Life here is exciting, on Sundays we don’t have morning prep we instead clean our dormitories, wash clothes and from 7-9 am we have prayers in one of the classrooms. After that we rest a bit in the dormitories and on campus as we wait for lunch that’s at 1 pm. At 2 pm it’s club time till around 4 pm. We have supper at 6 pm and later preps from 7-9 pm. Sometimes if there’s a champions league match some students may view it. Those that want to do some extra reading may extend their prep time but everyone’s got to be up at 4 am! During the week, we do prep from 4 to 6 am. We have breakfast at 6 am and then assembly from 7-8 am. Our lessons are usually 1.5 hours and unless it’s a practical period we don’t feel the urge to have extra lesson time. On Wednesday and Friday evenings there’s excitement to get done with lessons as there’s usually student programs (fellowships and other clubs). I am a proud member of the writers’ club and some many others. Some students do club hoping which is frowned upon by fellow club members as it shows disloyalty to your club. Students also couple up after prep time even though it is punishable. So it’s actually fun being here.